Monday, April 25, 2011

Silence (Lights Out)

Silence (Lights Out)
Written By: Adam Hazard

Silence everybody quiet
its about to be a riot
hold up cut the light out
show em all what you about
we all sinners, no reconcile
still running away, last mile
got problems which never stop
yet i stand tall at the top
no mercy, never will I judge
push me back, no I wont budge
keepin it trill with the boys
tryna drown out the noise
telling ev'rybody hush
thoughts moving in a rush
no slowing down, time for the shelf
just need a moment to myself

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Everyday Hustle

Everyday Hustle
Written By: Adam Hazard

see I hustle everyday
each and every way
tryna make it outta nothing
my life so ima be something
point blank, always work hard
dedicated, watch me make it far
last chance by the passion
mediocre style of an assassin
got them killers sitting everywhere
my goons got goons and they over there
see aint it all clear now
we'll force you down to bow
dont test me or even give me shit
snap of a finger I can get you hit
buried deep, something like six feet
always come back to these my street

Haunted House

Haunted House
Written By: Adam Hazard

cops steady watching
but they aint never stopping
goons run it on this block
stash house keeps everybody on lock
boys in the hood on he stoop
and everybody ridin coop
got gun, hustle drugs
we all still just mugs
come legit or we sick em pits
no book smart, only street wits
ridin for my click, do or die
aint scared to shoot, snake eyes
bodies buried in the backyard
no tombstones, yet we hustle hard
and smoke up on that sour
dark swamps our house every hour

Friday, March 4, 2011

Where Have You Been?

The past couple weeks have been pretty hectic for me. In which I have not posted to this site since then. For those curious, I have been working on rebuilding my music promotion website entitled "2FlowCity" where you can find the unsigned and unhyped artists in the Hip-Hop, Rap and RnB genre. I have also been compiling an email(E-Blast) service for artists. I am seeking donations or contributions to help me further the progress of the site and services I am offering. If you would like to make a donation/contribution through Paypal my email address is I thank you in advance as anything can help.

As far as my writing, I am always writing and coming up with new ideas to write about. I will have something posted tonight hopefully. We will see how things work out.

Stay Tuned!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wise Words

Wise Words
Written By: Adam Hazard

These desperate times seek wise words
i'll snatch the worms from the birds
so it wont matter if youre early
fear the face im just a menace, surly
above the rest, close to the edge
dont push me I stay about my pledge
moving forward, away from the strife
aint scared to put an end to your life
try me I dont always appear as I seem
like a book, but this aint no dream
times running out, this my race from hell
dont ever want to be locked in a cell
mentally, physically ill never be chained
my past made me, so i remain trained
bred a monster by my classmates, roughshod
I dont fear nobody, not even God

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bloodshot Eyes

Cartoon taken from Cartoon Stock

Bloodshot Eyes
Written By: Adam Hazard

Im running with Bloodshot Eyes
day to night ima work, no lies
this is exactly how my life go
grindin all the time, no plateau
gonna succeed way before I ever die
working late when the wolves cry
up before dawn when the birds chirp
cant strip ish from me.....usurp
try me and you'll get a mean mug
pigs harassing like a known thug
It aint easy for me to trust you
good plus the bad only more to accrue
soul blacken'd through a curse
it wont be long til im the hearse
so ima make the best of my life
dont care about pain or the strife

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tale of Philip's Flowers & Gifts..........

Last Monday the 7th of February, I choose to apply at the Lagrange, IL location for a package handler job on Valentine's Day. The day in which I applied I spoke to the head of the delivery department. He told me that there was a permanent part-time position opening up due in part to their regular delivery driver calling off the upcoming weekend right before their big day. On Tuesday, I got a call back from the manager asking me to come in to fill out the other packet. I told her that I was unable to come in the same day as the call, but I went in the next day around 9am. She had me fill out the rest of the paperwork for taxes, emergency contacts, social security, etc.I was asked to come in the next day for training in which I went out with one of their part-time drivers who drives only on Saturdays, but his boss called him off of work. So he called and asked them if they needed any help for the day. On the 9 package route in which they sent us out on I personally took majority of the packages to the doors. The driver who was training me mainly talked my ears off explaining different things. We delivered the 8th package, after the 8th package was delivered he received a phone call. While waiting for him I started up looking where the next location was. After sitting for approximately 15-20 on him and looking through his maps while he was on the phone. I was unable to find the location. His phone call ends finally and he asks me where it is and I told him I looked at 3-4 different maps of his with no luck at all. He had no luck in finding it either so I grabbed the other maps in the van and within a couple minutes I had found it. After delivering the package we head back to the office. Then I go straight back out with the head delivery guy to deliver a package in Orland Park. He did the same thing by talking my ears off and almost repeating the same things as the other guy. After delivering the package and getting back to the office he had me take my lunch. So when I got back from lunch, I learned that my paper was unfinished due to missing items on the application. I was then sent home and told to come back to finish the paperwork the next day which is Friday the 11th. I went and finished the paperwork then went home cause they were unable to give me work since the HR department was not in for the day after she sent them in. On Saturday and Sunday I expected to work, but since HR was not able to review my paperwork until Monday. Regardless of my paperwork status she had me come to work yesterday which was Valentines Day. I get there around 8am and was sent out almost right away. I made a mistake by delivering the wrong package to my first stop. While looking for the third stop on a map I received a call from them telling me I made a mistake to come back to the office. I get back to the office and the send me back out to the location to swap them out which is something I could have done on my way back to the office. Upon returning to the office after swapping out the packages they sent me home. I was told that the manager was mad and/or pissed at me because I made a mistake on a delivery and it was to a big account. Today they want me to return my shirts and jackets which I plan to do so later.

Basically I understand what I did wrong and that was not triple checking that I grabbed the right package. Everybody makes mistakes when they first start their new jobs. Does the first mistake need to end up by being sent home? Not at all. The situation was handled wrong by the manager 100 percent. She had the head delivery guy tell me to go home with the only reason being told that I messed up on a big account package which could have been fixed within a couple minutes. Personally, I feel like her actions were more blown up than what they should really be. When I go there later today, I have no clue what to expect honestly. I do not know if they are still going to want me to work for them. I suspect that they will not want me to, but if they do it comes down to morals. Morally would I want to work for someone who sent me home cause they were mad that I messed up one time. I know I need a job, but it should not be under those circumstances. I was so eager to start this job and work for them. I know personally I will not recommend anyone to work for them or to purchase any items from them.

Do you agree with the manager's actions? What do you think of this situation? What would you do in this situation?
If you are in the Chicagoland area would you order from a floral like this?

Call Me A Liability

Picture grabbed from

Call Me A Liability
Written By: Adam Hazard

Since birth I was a liability
now im searching for stability
working hard, never through deceit
conquering odds, never seen defeat
always going to test the waters
try me, you might be slaughtered
look into my eyes, burning flames
by my side, they never play games
true riders til death do us part
no books, so call me street smart
head to sky living by no limits
buck you, never lived the gimmicks
your only choice, trust me or not
my clique stay armored up, swat
shh I may be a liability for life
no matter the pain or he strife

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ways To Say I Love You on Valentine's Day

The other day I was asking question about is Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day really important! Earlier today I spotted this and let's just say it was right down my alley. You do not need to go out and buy something expensive to please your wife, girlfriend or fiancée and it should be likewise for them as well.

On Valentine's Day, it's very important to acknowledge your partner and honor your relationship. For those who aren't able or fond of spending lots of money on gifts however, try one (or all!) of these Valentine's Day ideas to say I love you.

    Ways To Show Your Love
  1. Make a meal only out of heart-shaped items, foods that are red, or both. Try red velvet cake, valentini martini, fruit and cheese salad or a heart shaped cake.

  2. Knit a scarf.

  3. Write a love letter to say I love you.

  4. Create handmade coupons with gifts your partner can use anytime, such as a massage or a night out on the town with friends.

  5. Does your partner ever ask you why you love them? Then create your own little booklet using dollar store items just for them entitled, "Why I Love You: # Reasons".

  6. Make a mixed CD of all of your favorite songs, or create a compilation of love songs that remind you of your mate. Better yet, learn how to play one of these love songs on the guitar and serenade him or her on Valentine's Day.

  7. Learn how to take erotic photos of each other with a digital camera.

  8. Make your own fortune cookies to take along to a Chinese food restaurant for dinner, and use them to woo your date on Valentine's Day.

  9. Grab some construction paper and cut out as many hearts as you like. On each one, share a story about your relationship that shows how much you care. Once finished, take the hearts and string them individually from the ceiling so it looks like your home is raining love.

  10. Purchase some clear red balloons. Before blowing them up, place either wrapped candies, small gifts, and/or love poems inside each one, and then give them to your loved one as a bouquet.

All of the above things are extremely simple to do. I have made mixed cd's before to express my love through words that I could not explain completely. My personal favorite from this list is number 10. The reason why I really like it is that it is not only clever, but you are able to show your feelings through different materials.

Even though I know I will be single this again this year. I am still happy since I am working to get my life back in order. My hiatus from poems and writing has been caused by putting together an email list to offer a service to artists.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is There An Importance To Valentines Day?

The image above was taken from

Honestly my question to everyone is there really an importance to Valentine's Day? Even Sweetest Day? Isn't love suppose to be shown 24/7, 365 days a year?

Love is meant to be shared between two people. Valentine's Day is simply a given day that you MUST show your love. If not? Well let's just say your wife, fiancée or girlfriend will be mad at you. It's the same if you forget your anniversary, well maybe a little more mad. Most of the ladies expect it. The flowers, boxes of chocolates, teddy bears, the dates, etc. All of these things are priced higher for the occasion. Why should we be expected to waste a lot of money? I am for one, one of those people who like to show that I love someone all of the time.

Valentine's Day is basically just another government given holiday that stores use to make money. Sweetest day is like a baby compared to Valentine's Day whereas I do not even know much about it. I barely knew it existed. I always assumed it was the same tradition where the guy's buy girl's gifts, but then again I also heard it was the other way around.

So honestly are they really that important to celebrate? Let me know what you think? Also show love to your wife, fiancée or girlfriend on here as well! Leave a message to them if you would like.

I am not asking these questions cause I was just recently dumped by my girlfriend of 6 months a couple weeks ago. I have always felt this way since I was a little kid.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sending Shots

Sending Shots
Written By: Adam Hazard

Im putting everybody on blast
like your ex's from the past
making ya miss what ya had
sending shots, making you mad
got a job still no girlfriend
just want a ride or die til the end
see you couldnt back your man
dont worry I got a game plan
visions a work of art, never shoddy
dont tell me I wont be somebody
shhh... try telling me something else
cause im still living well, see
making power moves is all I know
hustle hard to stack that dough
get in my way(pow, pow) imma blast
sending shots throughout my past

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Teacher-Student Sex?

A random thought earlier popped in my head. This thought reminded me of a article I read about another teacher getting in trouble for having sex with a student. So as I though about it, I took to Facebook with my opinion. Although, I am on here going more in depth of why I feel the way I do.

This is what I had to say earlier, "I swear these female teachers must be extremely stupid now-a-days. There have been at least 3-4 that have been arrested in the last week due to having sex with students. Don't you think they would hide it better or learn from these other teachers getting arrested? Btw it's sad that even with the students consent, if they did consent to it, that these teachers are getting in trouble. lmao........."

Truth be told anyone knowing what they are doing is able to consent. Teenagers go to jail for adult crimes knowing what they are doing is wrong. Some also join gangs at an early age knowing what they are doing. These teachers are the same way going to jail for having sex with these student whether they consented or not.

Even though by law they consider it statutory rape, but technically it is not considered rape if knowing the actions giving consent.I feel like there are kids(students) already having sex at the age of 12. If these kids are able to consent with kids their own age. Why are they not able to consent to having sex with an older person? It was their choice and by no means should be punished by law. Any kid used for sexual acts under the age of 12 is a pedophile period. Age groups between 12-14 the teacher should be taken away in handcuffs for taking advantage of a kid. Ages 15-17 the teacher should not get in trouble as long as the kid knowingly consented to their actions.

Furthermore my final thoughts....... When will these teachers learn right from the wrong? I do not think they ever will.

New's Stories:
Teacher faces sex charges
Single high school teacher 'had sex with five students'
Female gym teacher accused of sex acts with football players
Teacher sentenced to 2 years for relationship with student
Teacher's assistant charged with performing sex act on student
Former Ferris High teacher sentenced to 5 years probation in student sex case
Piscataway teacher indicted on charges of having sex with student
Special ed teacher accused of sex with student
Female teacher acquitted in sex assault on boy, 15
Loveland teacher busted for sex assault on student
Ex-teacher who ran off with student gets probation

Journey From Heaven to Hell

*Picture Used From Elfwood*

Journey From Heaven to Hell
Written By: Adam Hazard

can you hear the death knell
this is my only bid farewell
my journey from heaven to hell
noone to save me, im gone forever
death took me to a new endeavor
two-step'd to the gates of heaven
cant get into gates, no lucky seven
living a fast life caught up in the end
a one way trip, now i have to fend
as I walk into the fiery depths of hell
minds locked up by these demons, cell
sold my soul to Lucifer, right price
my own choices, no need to entice
a race against time, doves verse crows
this is the outcome I have chose
maybe I am death I suppose
when my heart last froze

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blog-A-Licious Blogs 01/26/11

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They choose my blog for one of the blogs of the week!


*Please help me title this poem with a suitable name by leaving a name in the comment section.
Written By: Adam Hazard

People in and out of my life
cant deal with the pain or the strife
what is the deal good lord
don't know if I can take it anymore
Daddy's gone and I dont know where
all I can say is life aint fair
why cant he come home real soon
noone's seen him since he left at noon
hoping he would just walk through the door
with grocery bags from the store
auntie died, no lie im missing he
why do the same things have to occur
truly feeling more dead than alive
still walking the street, head to the sky
holding inside keeping thoughts to myself
weight off my shoulder onto the shelf

Monday, January 31, 2011

Time, Time Again

Time, Time Again
Written By: Adam Hazard

Time, time again I feel the same pain
now im more eager to boss up and reign
till today, i couldnt move or let go
im going to bury it under the snow
12 to 24 inches plus another 6 feet
no remains will ever be seen, defeat
another one gone, but never forgotten
pain and the strife subdue'd, rotten
life goes on, yet it seems time freezes
closure helps the pain to move on, eases
time to move on, let go of them heathens
no restrictions now im freely breathin
it's easy I still a little bit of guidance
here's one for the past, moment of silence
this is how life goes, no need to explain
Time, time again all I want is it to rain

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Looking Up Pt. 2

Looking Up Pt.2
Written by Adam Hazard

Constantly looking up, dreaming
just want a better life, fiending
no ones handing out any chances
stirring up my own ways, finances
not enough income to pay the bills
lights being shut off, time to steal
house being foreclosed, strugglin
a hot mess now im just jugglin
between life or death, im nothing
love of music, just poetry and rapping
my head still raised up, third option
still there aint no stopping him
fighting til the finish line
this is my life just gotta redesign
prayin that it will rain again soon
so my pain will wash away, new tune

Friday, January 28, 2011


Written By: Adam Hazard

Just 21 yet im still reliving moments
minds squealing in circles, donuts
twisted sick thoughts, cant stop them
OCD kicked in so I robbed em
grabbed everything in site, Klepto
still hard for me to accept, true
madness in my mind, dementia
got an army inside, we militia
common war, good verse the evil
pulling off new stunts, Evel Knievel
reap the rewards yet i know better
free'd from the shackles, fetter
my effort to maintain a mental estate
blood rushing pumping my heart rate
chip on my shoulder, twisted mind frame
time for the inner animal to get tame

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Regret Pt. 3

Regret Pt. 3
Written By: Adam Hazard

Chances I take, yes I still regret
these are things ill never forget
you used to say that you love me
didnt even put up a fight, phony
claimed I was your future, forever
when did a lifetime become never
you never could keep it real
hiding secrets inside, conceal
be yourself, why try to impress me?
was with you cause of you, plainly see
was always yours since the start
you took ownership of my heart
tattoo'd all over with your name
minds slowly dying from a war game
i would put it on my life, i swear
cant hide the facts it's out in the air

Sinning Again

Sinning Again
Written By: Adam Hazard

Each, every day im sinning again
going hard, living in the fast lane
switching gears, the sirens blaring
mean mug, yes it's me evil staring
why should i care if you try to scare me
im already dead so even God fears me
heaven or hell, im starting to burn
lessons taught, bet youre eager to learn
never knew better, hazardous minded
trouble always finding me, blinded
theres no end to the tunnel, caged in
stray jacket goin crazy, loony bin
deep inside, I got a broken heart
gotta pick up the pieces, restart
dont play sad songs on the violin
no fear in my life still sinning to win

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gone in Despair

Gone In Despair
Written By: Adam Hazard

Standing still, but my worlds spinning
striking out every single inning
playing ball, never seen a win
check my face, yes I gotta grin
collapsing walls like they closing in
gotta live, evil monkey caged within
enraged, dont let the demons free
hell's risen, watch the murder spree
not Jason, but its Friday the thirteenth
I dont care, Ima make em all scream
jokes aside, this is far from a dream
your worst nightmare, bloodshed with no tears
keeping body parts in the freezer downstairs
I am not myself so you better beware
insane with my mind gone in despair

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lost In My Thoughts

Lost In My Thoughts
Written By: Adam Hazard

See she got me lost in my thoughts
Aint able to consentrate, distraught
No lie, i cant hate it for a sec
a kiss on the cheek like a peck
glowing hearts seen in my eyes
how I feel about you is no surprise
I need you to remain in my life
through the pain and the strife
our personal journey, endeavor
growing old, life-time is forever
travel through our past, reminisces
Did I, Mr. Right, find the misses
bet you she will be the right one
highly certain, I just hit a homerun
Feliz hombre vivo, perdiendo usted me temor
Perdido por palabras, sí estoy en el amor

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Deadly Focused

Saw better days, now im deadly focused
my rhymes comes through, locust
see it's hard to feel pain
when youre minds goin' insane
still cant sleep or even eat
my life's became so offbeat
shell shocked by the reality
trying to rebuild the actuality
at least until we're freed
Ive been known exactly what I need
my true love is what'll complete me
my future, life together is my foresee
the hunger for more is my greed
youre my reason for wanting to succeed
wanna follow me, i can be your tutor
Im deadly focused, sharp-shooter

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Death Before Dishonor

Death Before Dishonor
Written By: Adam Hazard

death before dishonor, hazards mind
this is exactly why I was designed
Tried to tell me im a cheater
but you a liar and a deceiver
no black truth, we just keep it real
even though we know you'll appeal
sounds of unjust, unfair regnant
journey like newborn pregnant
feeding my hunger to succeed
maybe one day youll envy me
i'll always treat her like a Queen
far from being the next Charlie Sheen
always staying true, no misconceptions
true love, marry me type, no exceptions
I am true only want you, word of honor
trust me it's death before dishonor

Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking Up Pt.1

Looking Up Pt.1
Written by Adam Wacker

Im looking up, up to the sky
trying to figure out the reasons why
why's there so much pain in the world
baby girl's laying in bed curled
death in her family, someone close by
thinkin why did they have to die
tears flowing from her eyes
wishin she didnt have to say goodbye
Ill always stand tall by your side
come to me if you need to confide
need a hug?, I will hold you so tight
talking, bringin you to new heights
realizing theyre in a better place
their memory will never be erased
so wipe away your tears and the fear
keep your head up like theyre still here

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Is My Life

This Is My Life
Written by: Adam Hazard

Hard to eat, Cant Sleep
Cant Breathe, Hard to weep
when I die, im gone sleep peacefuly
Either way, bet you goin to remember me
hold up a sec, pardon my arrogance
momentums building up like a pyramid
head to head, got them bull horns
try me and youll be left scorn
no regrets so I cant complain
born with this talent in my veins
writing all day til the sun falls
pen on the pad, back against the wall
This is my life so Ima stand large
gotta new face, so ima take charge
breed a hustler, gotta stay on my job
every syllable bout to start a mob

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Missing You: Thoughts of Remembrance

Missing You: Thoughts of Remembrance
Written by: Adam Wacker

My thoughts running by the mile
every syllable brings a new smile
turning every frown upside down
my body moves throughout the town
blurry visions of things around
new sights waiting to be found
til I can hold you again in my arms
showing off my only lucky charm
forever and always staying true
in my heart, noone can ever undue
all of these feelings flowing inside
my everything, even my future bride
the only girl ive had in my sights
taking US thru the different heights
if missing you is a sin, ill sin again
the thoughts to remember ink'd in pen

Behind the Mind of A Hazard © 2011 2FlowCity Entertainment