Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bloodshot Eyes

Cartoon taken from Cartoon Stock

Bloodshot Eyes
Written By: Adam Hazard

Im running with Bloodshot Eyes
day to night ima work, no lies
this is exactly how my life go
grindin all the time, no plateau
gonna succeed way before I ever die
working late when the wolves cry
up before dawn when the birds chirp
cant strip ish from me.....usurp
try me and you'll get a mean mug
pigs harassing like a known thug
It aint easy for me to trust you
good plus the bad only more to accrue
soul blacken'd through a curse
it wont be long til im the hearse
so ima make the best of my life
dont care about pain or the strife


JeanaK said...

Sounds like this could be a song. Nice work!!

Mr.Hazard said...

Thanks Jeanak, I enjoy writing poems and changing them into songs at a lateer time.

JeanaK said...

Well if u ever get a song published or already have one published, I would love to her it.

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