Monday, January 31, 2011

Time, Time Again

Time, Time Again
Written By: Adam Hazard

Time, time again I feel the same pain
now im more eager to boss up and reign
till today, i couldnt move or let go
im going to bury it under the snow
12 to 24 inches plus another 6 feet
no remains will ever be seen, defeat
another one gone, but never forgotten
pain and the strife subdue'd, rotten
life goes on, yet it seems time freezes
closure helps the pain to move on, eases
time to move on, let go of them heathens
no restrictions now im freely breathin
it's easy I still a little bit of guidance
here's one for the past, moment of silence
this is how life goes, no need to explain
Time, time again all I want is it to rain

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Looking Up Pt. 2

Looking Up Pt.2
Written by Adam Hazard

Constantly looking up, dreaming
just want a better life, fiending
no ones handing out any chances
stirring up my own ways, finances
not enough income to pay the bills
lights being shut off, time to steal
house being foreclosed, strugglin
a hot mess now im just jugglin
between life or death, im nothing
love of music, just poetry and rapping
my head still raised up, third option
still there aint no stopping him
fighting til the finish line
this is my life just gotta redesign
prayin that it will rain again soon
so my pain will wash away, new tune

Friday, January 28, 2011


Written By: Adam Hazard

Just 21 yet im still reliving moments
minds squealing in circles, donuts
twisted sick thoughts, cant stop them
OCD kicked in so I robbed em
grabbed everything in site, Klepto
still hard for me to accept, true
madness in my mind, dementia
got an army inside, we militia
common war, good verse the evil
pulling off new stunts, Evel Knievel
reap the rewards yet i know better
free'd from the shackles, fetter
my effort to maintain a mental estate
blood rushing pumping my heart rate
chip on my shoulder, twisted mind frame
time for the inner animal to get tame

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Regret Pt. 3

Regret Pt. 3
Written By: Adam Hazard

Chances I take, yes I still regret
these are things ill never forget
you used to say that you love me
didnt even put up a fight, phony
claimed I was your future, forever
when did a lifetime become never
you never could keep it real
hiding secrets inside, conceal
be yourself, why try to impress me?
was with you cause of you, plainly see
was always yours since the start
you took ownership of my heart
tattoo'd all over with your name
minds slowly dying from a war game
i would put it on my life, i swear
cant hide the facts it's out in the air

Sinning Again

Sinning Again
Written By: Adam Hazard

Each, every day im sinning again
going hard, living in the fast lane
switching gears, the sirens blaring
mean mug, yes it's me evil staring
why should i care if you try to scare me
im already dead so even God fears me
heaven or hell, im starting to burn
lessons taught, bet youre eager to learn
never knew better, hazardous minded
trouble always finding me, blinded
theres no end to the tunnel, caged in
stray jacket goin crazy, loony bin
deep inside, I got a broken heart
gotta pick up the pieces, restart
dont play sad songs on the violin
no fear in my life still sinning to win

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gone in Despair

Gone In Despair
Written By: Adam Hazard

Standing still, but my worlds spinning
striking out every single inning
playing ball, never seen a win
check my face, yes I gotta grin
collapsing walls like they closing in
gotta live, evil monkey caged within
enraged, dont let the demons free
hell's risen, watch the murder spree
not Jason, but its Friday the thirteenth
I dont care, Ima make em all scream
jokes aside, this is far from a dream
your worst nightmare, bloodshed with no tears
keeping body parts in the freezer downstairs
I am not myself so you better beware
insane with my mind gone in despair

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lost In My Thoughts

Lost In My Thoughts
Written By: Adam Hazard

See she got me lost in my thoughts
Aint able to consentrate, distraught
No lie, i cant hate it for a sec
a kiss on the cheek like a peck
glowing hearts seen in my eyes
how I feel about you is no surprise
I need you to remain in my life
through the pain and the strife
our personal journey, endeavor
growing old, life-time is forever
travel through our past, reminisces
Did I, Mr. Right, find the misses
bet you she will be the right one
highly certain, I just hit a homerun
Feliz hombre vivo, perdiendo usted me temor
Perdido por palabras, sí estoy en el amor

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Deadly Focused

Saw better days, now im deadly focused
my rhymes comes through, locust
see it's hard to feel pain
when youre minds goin' insane
still cant sleep or even eat
my life's became so offbeat
shell shocked by the reality
trying to rebuild the actuality
at least until we're freed
Ive been known exactly what I need
my true love is what'll complete me
my future, life together is my foresee
the hunger for more is my greed
youre my reason for wanting to succeed
wanna follow me, i can be your tutor
Im deadly focused, sharp-shooter

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Death Before Dishonor

Death Before Dishonor
Written By: Adam Hazard

death before dishonor, hazards mind
this is exactly why I was designed
Tried to tell me im a cheater
but you a liar and a deceiver
no black truth, we just keep it real
even though we know you'll appeal
sounds of unjust, unfair regnant
journey like newborn pregnant
feeding my hunger to succeed
maybe one day youll envy me
i'll always treat her like a Queen
far from being the next Charlie Sheen
always staying true, no misconceptions
true love, marry me type, no exceptions
I am true only want you, word of honor
trust me it's death before dishonor

Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking Up Pt.1

Looking Up Pt.1
Written by Adam Wacker

Im looking up, up to the sky
trying to figure out the reasons why
why's there so much pain in the world
baby girl's laying in bed curled
death in her family, someone close by
thinkin why did they have to die
tears flowing from her eyes
wishin she didnt have to say goodbye
Ill always stand tall by your side
come to me if you need to confide
need a hug?, I will hold you so tight
talking, bringin you to new heights
realizing theyre in a better place
their memory will never be erased
so wipe away your tears and the fear
keep your head up like theyre still here

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Is My Life

This Is My Life
Written by: Adam Hazard

Hard to eat, Cant Sleep
Cant Breathe, Hard to weep
when I die, im gone sleep peacefuly
Either way, bet you goin to remember me
hold up a sec, pardon my arrogance
momentums building up like a pyramid
head to head, got them bull horns
try me and youll be left scorn
no regrets so I cant complain
born with this talent in my veins
writing all day til the sun falls
pen on the pad, back against the wall
This is my life so Ima stand large
gotta new face, so ima take charge
breed a hustler, gotta stay on my job
every syllable bout to start a mob

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Missing You: Thoughts of Remembrance

Missing You: Thoughts of Remembrance
Written by: Adam Wacker

My thoughts running by the mile
every syllable brings a new smile
turning every frown upside down
my body moves throughout the town
blurry visions of things around
new sights waiting to be found
til I can hold you again in my arms
showing off my only lucky charm
forever and always staying true
in my heart, noone can ever undue
all of these feelings flowing inside
my everything, even my future bride
the only girl ive had in my sights
taking US thru the different heights
if missing you is a sin, ill sin again
the thoughts to remember ink'd in pen

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