Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Written By: Adam Hazard

2 Months into a lifetime
me and you, no surprise
til death do us part
pink roses, red hearts
all about you from the start
you still own my heart
God put my head on straight
even though people will hate
but they'll never pull me to stray
feelings so true, they'll never go away
as long as we're happy together
we will be good forever
always will be my only one
my hunt is finally done
thanks to the man above
I know I found my true love

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Forever One

Forever One
Written By: Adam Hazard

Happy forever, forever I'll remain yours
Together we shall fight the same wars
Fight after fight, no walls to collapse
A stronger foundation is US perhaps
All I want is you, my first and last
Heart still steady pacin fast
No limits, where my thoughts go
Like a river, theyre always gonna flow
Our love is like a rose, never ending
Feelings are true, no pretending
Got em in my veins deeper than the ocean
I don't want no but you, no one
My heart belongs to you, now and forever
Through all of our future endeavors
We're not restricted by time, no hurries
I'll always be faithful, no worries
Without you I i know i would be none
Our hearts will always be forever one

How Could You

How could You
Written By: Adam Hazard

How could you expect to be handed things
when youre taking your own swings
past to the future, pain surging
truth be told,lies emerging
hard to see who youre hurting
cant stand being wrong, asserting
blamed me, accused me; brotherhood broken
didnt pay attention, never soft spoken
brought hardship upon our family, disgrace
now youre not seeing clear, own space
disregard towards your own blood
falling, coming short in any flood
dont mention me when you need a life raft
need a blueprint, draw your own draft
im hurting, but you will never care
your minds on marriage, two years
watch your kids pull the same strings
How could you expect to be handed things

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