Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Apology

My Apology
Written By: Adam Wacker

Theres a million reasons to apologize
with all of these emotions running inside
not enough roses to mix my mistakes
my loves real, my heart still aches
you cant catch it in a vial
what I said is not venial
there is no excuse ever, period
around friends, im like there she is
all mine, yes I'll always love her
til the day I die, they'll always recur
she's stuck on my brain like a tattoo
no reversing, so I cant just say adieu
only girl that my eye's see
she's my world, my only sweet pea
can I live without her? no indeed
never meant to play games or mislead
always will be my everything
she owns my heart, life ring
This is my apology
from my heart Im truly sorry

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