Friday, December 5, 2014

Let's Talk About Pain

Picture used from dmchiropractic

Let's Talk About Pain
Written By: Adam Hazard
You want to talk about all this pain
deception, disrespect; what brings on the rain
shadowed by the past, the futures abroad
these demons, feeding, leeching no they ain't flawed
Ive already gone and sold off my soul
where have you been, not playing your role?
since you was young, only worried about ya own
nearly disowned, like you want to be alone
Ima black sheep, no need to worry about me
so please I ask just let this Hazard be
grown to stand my own and chose my ways
they use to bully me while talking sideways
came home to the exact same script
Until I had enough and I just flipped
not trying to stay living life so deranged
so I continue to search for my change

Behind the Mind of A Hazard © 2011 2FlowCity Entertainment