Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Pledge

My Pledge
Written by: Adam Hazard

I'll wait patiently, a year, now or later
told ya, you were my life Im not a traitor
like a soldier, noone will be left behind
thoughts of us will stay in my mind
only time can tell wats next
desire to be together is my object
we know we're meant to be
able to wait it out, I know you'll agree
Not meant to give up when times get rough
our love will remain strong enough
If we fall apart we'll pick back up
You'll always be the drank to my cup
like a bump in our road to eternity
got each other, dont need a fraternity
here's my pledge i will to anything
to let this not be just a fling

Behind the Mind of A Hazard © 2011 2FlowCity Entertainment