Friday, June 14, 2013

What I Look Like?

What I Look Like?
Written By: Adam Hazard

I'm that strange that talk strange
mentally insane til I'm derange
don't know how to act so it's natural
what's been written stay factual
It's family first, God pushed to last
thats been my code since the past
'ride or die' stay my motto
so I ain't tryna hit the lotto
always hustlin hard to flip a dollar
am proud to say I'm no scholar
street smart to say the least
no collars cause I ain't no priest
they don't get in trouble unlike me
people around me, they'd all agree
judge my style for yourself, psych
so what do I look like?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Forever Strange

Forever Strange
Written By: Adam Hazard

Been gettin it from all ways
throw my fingers up, tell em no way
since I don't plan to ever changer
sag my pants til I'm forever strange
steady loco in the brain
will always pray for it to rain
cause I'm in love with darker days
cold heart brings out the haze
no time for a second thought
this is what I've been taught
from a young buck growing up
TTG so I'm steady bucked up
who is you to say that I'd lie
point blank, ain't no reason why
my whole life's been a book
just ask me to have a look

Behind the Mind of A Hazard © 2011 2FlowCity Entertainment