Monday, April 25, 2011

Silence (Lights Out)

Silence (Lights Out)
Written By: Adam Hazard

Silence everybody quiet
its about to be a riot
hold up cut the light out
show em all what you about
we all sinners, no reconcile
still running away, last mile
got problems which never stop
yet i stand tall at the top
no mercy, never will I judge
push me back, no I wont budge
keepin it trill with the boys
tryna drown out the noise
telling ev'rybody hush
thoughts moving in a rush
no slowing down, time for the shelf
just need a moment to myself

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Everyday Hustle

Everyday Hustle
Written By: Adam Hazard

see I hustle everyday
each and every way
tryna make it outta nothing
my life so ima be something
point blank, always work hard
dedicated, watch me make it far
last chance by the passion
mediocre style of an assassin
got them killers sitting everywhere
my goons got goons and they over there
see aint it all clear now
we'll force you down to bow
dont test me or even give me shit
snap of a finger I can get you hit
buried deep, something like six feet
always come back to these my street

Haunted House

Haunted House
Written By: Adam Hazard

cops steady watching
but they aint never stopping
goons run it on this block
stash house keeps everybody on lock
boys in the hood on he stoop
and everybody ridin coop
got gun, hustle drugs
we all still just mugs
come legit or we sick em pits
no book smart, only street wits
ridin for my click, do or die
aint scared to shoot, snake eyes
bodies buried in the backyard
no tombstones, yet we hustle hard
and smoke up on that sour
dark swamps our house every hour

Behind the Mind of A Hazard © 2011 2FlowCity Entertainment