Saturday, February 21, 2009

Through The Pain

Through The Pain
Written by: Adam Wacker

Going through life with this pain
Just rushing through my veins
Like It was just a normal day
cant even see any more gray
leadin me to pray for this rain
only with time can things change
but until then.... im gone be the same
not pointin fingers to lock on the blame
gearin saddened sorrows to cease exist
everythin said bends with a twist
cant even trust who your close with
fiends dressed as foes writhed,
like is it time to leave out of hell
blocked, locked in a self-contained cell
no one ever visitin a miserable me
will I ever know what it means to be free?
maybe Ill be trapped til I fly overhead
while my body lie in the casket, dead
I will stay strong through this pain
will it ever be my time to reign?

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