Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gone in Despair

Gone In Despair
Written By: Adam Hazard

Standing still, but my worlds spinning
striking out every single inning
playing ball, never seen a win
check my face, yes I gotta grin
collapsing walls like they closing in
gotta live, evil monkey caged within
enraged, dont let the demons free
hell's risen, watch the murder spree
not Jason, but its Friday the thirteenth
I dont care, Ima make em all scream
jokes aside, this is far from a dream
your worst nightmare, bloodshed with no tears
keeping body parts in the freezer downstairs
I am not myself so you better beware
insane with my mind gone in despair


Rachel Hoyt said...

Wow. Very powerful words! Again, I recommend sharing your poetry links in some of the forums listed here. I have made some great connections through them.

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