Friday, January 21, 2011

Lost In My Thoughts

Lost In My Thoughts
Written By: Adam Hazard

See she got me lost in my thoughts
Aint able to consentrate, distraught
No lie, i cant hate it for a sec
a kiss on the cheek like a peck
glowing hearts seen in my eyes
how I feel about you is no surprise
I need you to remain in my life
through the pain and the strife
our personal journey, endeavor
growing old, life-time is forever
travel through our past, reminisces
Did I, Mr. Right, find the misses
bet you she will be the right one
highly certain, I just hit a homerun
Feliz hombre vivo, perdiendo usted me temor
Perdido por palabras, sí estoy en el amor


Kim Harris said...

Sounds sweet to me. Although I have the slightest idea what you said at the end...I enjoyed reading this one. It has such feeling. Keep up the good work.

Mr.Hazard said...

the last two lines in english are.....
"Happiest man alive, losing you i fear
Lost for words, yes i am in love"

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