Monday, January 31, 2011

Time, Time Again

Time, Time Again
Written By: Adam Hazard

Time, time again I feel the same pain
now im more eager to boss up and reign
till today, i couldnt move or let go
im going to bury it under the snow
12 to 24 inches plus another 6 feet
no remains will ever be seen, defeat
another one gone, but never forgotten
pain and the strife subdue'd, rotten
life goes on, yet it seems time freezes
closure helps the pain to move on, eases
time to move on, let go of them heathens
no restrictions now im freely breathin
it's easy I still a little bit of guidance
here's one for the past, moment of silence
this is how life goes, no need to explain
Time, time again all I want is it to rain


Motifs said...

Something I can relate to personally...there is something of me in it..beautiful.

Hajra said...

This are some lovely lines..hoping to read more of your posts!

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