Sunday, February 6, 2011

Journey From Heaven to Hell

*Picture Used From Elfwood*

Journey From Heaven to Hell
Written By: Adam Hazard

can you hear the death knell
this is my only bid farewell
my journey from heaven to hell
noone to save me, im gone forever
death took me to a new endeavor
two-step'd to the gates of heaven
cant get into gates, no lucky seven
living a fast life caught up in the end
a one way trip, now i have to fend
as I walk into the fiery depths of hell
minds locked up by these demons, cell
sold my soul to Lucifer, right price
my own choices, no need to entice
a race against time, doves verse crows
this is the outcome I have chose
maybe I am death I suppose
when my heart last froze


Kriti said...

Awesome! You are a poet in the true sense of the term Adam... Loved it. Have you read Emily Dickinson's - "Because I could not stop for death"? She was amazing!!!

Heart said...

Really really good poem. I like the fast pace and imagery.

Sally DeSmet said...

Interesting poem - I love poetry. I think it is one of the most under-rated forms of literary communication. Nice!

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