Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wise Words

Wise Words
Written By: Adam Hazard

These desperate times seek wise words
i'll snatch the worms from the birds
so it wont matter if youre early
fear the face im just a menace, surly
above the rest, close to the edge
dont push me I stay about my pledge
moving forward, away from the strife
aint scared to put an end to your life
try me I dont always appear as I seem
like a book, but this aint no dream
times running out, this my race from hell
dont ever want to be locked in a cell
mentally, physically ill never be chained
my past made me, so i remain trained
bred a monster by my classmates, roughshod
I dont fear nobody, not even God


Matt D said...

my back
against the wall.

It's thought provoking what you write. Neat.

Kriti said...

Wow - this is amazing!!! You surely have the words and the talent - Loved it! kriti - http://kriti-howaboutthis.blogspot.com/

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