Monday, February 14, 2011

Tale of Philip's Flowers & Gifts..........

Last Monday the 7th of February, I choose to apply at the Lagrange, IL location for a package handler job on Valentine's Day. The day in which I applied I spoke to the head of the delivery department. He told me that there was a permanent part-time position opening up due in part to their regular delivery driver calling off the upcoming weekend right before their big day. On Tuesday, I got a call back from the manager asking me to come in to fill out the other packet. I told her that I was unable to come in the same day as the call, but I went in the next day around 9am. She had me fill out the rest of the paperwork for taxes, emergency contacts, social security, etc.I was asked to come in the next day for training in which I went out with one of their part-time drivers who drives only on Saturdays, but his boss called him off of work. So he called and asked them if they needed any help for the day. On the 9 package route in which they sent us out on I personally took majority of the packages to the doors. The driver who was training me mainly talked my ears off explaining different things. We delivered the 8th package, after the 8th package was delivered he received a phone call. While waiting for him I started up looking where the next location was. After sitting for approximately 15-20 on him and looking through his maps while he was on the phone. I was unable to find the location. His phone call ends finally and he asks me where it is and I told him I looked at 3-4 different maps of his with no luck at all. He had no luck in finding it either so I grabbed the other maps in the van and within a couple minutes I had found it. After delivering the package we head back to the office. Then I go straight back out with the head delivery guy to deliver a package in Orland Park. He did the same thing by talking my ears off and almost repeating the same things as the other guy. After delivering the package and getting back to the office he had me take my lunch. So when I got back from lunch, I learned that my paper was unfinished due to missing items on the application. I was then sent home and told to come back to finish the paperwork the next day which is Friday the 11th. I went and finished the paperwork then went home cause they were unable to give me work since the HR department was not in for the day after she sent them in. On Saturday and Sunday I expected to work, but since HR was not able to review my paperwork until Monday. Regardless of my paperwork status she had me come to work yesterday which was Valentines Day. I get there around 8am and was sent out almost right away. I made a mistake by delivering the wrong package to my first stop. While looking for the third stop on a map I received a call from them telling me I made a mistake to come back to the office. I get back to the office and the send me back out to the location to swap them out which is something I could have done on my way back to the office. Upon returning to the office after swapping out the packages they sent me home. I was told that the manager was mad and/or pissed at me because I made a mistake on a delivery and it was to a big account. Today they want me to return my shirts and jackets which I plan to do so later.

Basically I understand what I did wrong and that was not triple checking that I grabbed the right package. Everybody makes mistakes when they first start their new jobs. Does the first mistake need to end up by being sent home? Not at all. The situation was handled wrong by the manager 100 percent. She had the head delivery guy tell me to go home with the only reason being told that I messed up on a big account package which could have been fixed within a couple minutes. Personally, I feel like her actions were more blown up than what they should really be. When I go there later today, I have no clue what to expect honestly. I do not know if they are still going to want me to work for them. I suspect that they will not want me to, but if they do it comes down to morals. Morally would I want to work for someone who sent me home cause they were mad that I messed up one time. I know I need a job, but it should not be under those circumstances. I was so eager to start this job and work for them. I know personally I will not recommend anyone to work for them or to purchase any items from them.

Do you agree with the manager's actions? What do you think of this situation? What would you do in this situation?
If you are in the Chicagoland area would you order from a floral like this?


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