Sunday, January 9, 2011

Missing You: Thoughts of Remembrance

Missing You: Thoughts of Remembrance
Written by: Adam Wacker

My thoughts running by the mile
every syllable brings a new smile
turning every frown upside down
my body moves throughout the town
blurry visions of things around
new sights waiting to be found
til I can hold you again in my arms
showing off my only lucky charm
forever and always staying true
in my heart, noone can ever undue
all of these feelings flowing inside
my everything, even my future bride
the only girl ive had in my sights
taking US thru the different heights
if missing you is a sin, ill sin again
the thoughts to remember ink'd in pen


Lea White said...

I liked this one, it has a good flow to it. :p
I think the meaning of this is that you're trying to say that you're trying to get over this girl, but she's still on your mind..?
That's how I view it, but overall it's good. :D

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