Friday, October 15, 2010

Regret Pt. 1

Regrets Pt. 1
Written by: Adam Hazard

Whyd I ever meet you
you were never true
always lyin through your teeth
we grew dead and old, christmas wreath
on display for the world , main attraction
hoe'n yourself out, chain reaction
you was worried about it, pregnancy
check it, that shit wasnt by me
sayin dude was an old friend
he left you for another chick, loose end
parted ways but not the red sea
so glad it was never meant to be
see growin apart wasnt easy
but im livin the life, chris breezy
gladly youre in my past, no sweat
You'll always be my regret

Regret Pt. 2

Regret Pt. 2
Written By: Adam Hazard

Ive got a gift and a curse
Im my own enemy at its worse
All these people think im fake
yet you didnt know the beast is awake
hungry for more in this rap game
me and you was never the same
havent been about no religion
maybe God should send me a pigeon
might never be saved by my savior
but ill never again be a player
no real job, been about the hustle
always want my independent muscle
just wanted to be a boss
no accomplishes is my own loss
Imma work hard to my death
These are more reasonswhy I regret

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