Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Behind The Mind

Behind The Mind
Written By: Adam Wacker

What is really behind someone's mind
is it the ambition to stay on their grind
to get this dough, so things seem price-less
just to ease off the rest of this stress
like back in the day when you was raised
a few years later, you had days to be dazed
with all this pain that wont go away
even though it goes away on a rainy day
its only time til it all comes back again
all you really can do is sit back and campaign
bout the misery thats drivin you berserk
always walkin around like you got a smirk
cause you dont know what to do next
so you was standin strong like Malcolm X
but I will not be the one thats confined
cause these are the things behind my mind


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