Adam "Hazard" Wacker is a determined entrepreneur with a unique sense for writing who specializes mainly in poetry and music lyrics.

Adam "Hazard" Wacker, a determined entrepreneur, has been trying to achieve success in the music business as well as a writer. Since he was a child he lived throughout the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Throughout his childhood he has listened entirely to Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B. After seeing Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady" on the television his love for music started growing stronger as the years go on. In high school he experienced life changing problems occur which affected his life tremendously. At this time he was drawn more into listening to music and writing poems. Still to this day he has problems occur, but he is better able to handle them through his writing. His poems focus on his problems, his struggles, his beliefs and things that he witnessed. Currently he is focused on pursuing a better life by dropping out of college to start up his own website for his poetry entitled "Hazard's Mind" while seek full-time employment. His motto for life is "Dreams can become a success as long as you work hard."

Written By: Adam Hazard
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Proof Read by: None As Of Yet

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